New rules for work permits in Sweden

By Beyondo, 26. Oct 2022

Work permit for working in Sweden

As of 2022, Sweden has launched a new visa, allowing you to stay in Sweden for 3-9 months in order to secure a job. Read about the new rules as of June 2022.

You can find more information on the website of  Swedish Migration Office.

In short, here are the new requirements:

  • You need to have an advanced degree (master’s degree, PhD, advanced vocational degree/professional degree)
  • Have the intention of seeking employment or looking into the possibility of starting your own business in Sweden
  • Be able to support yourself financially during the entire residence period
  • Have a comprehensive health insurance
  • Have a passport that is valid for the entirety of the intended stay
  • Be located outside of Sweden

The relocation company Nimmersion is always up to date with the rules and regulations on this topic, if you are interested, you can find interesting information on their LinkedIn profile.

Please note, that this visa will only allow you to be in the country in order to secure a job. Once you have secured a job, an employer needs to apply for the actual working permit for you. Not all companies and employers are certified for the working permit process, so you need to be aware that your potential employer is able to start the process.

If you are interested in living in working in Sweden, we advise you to read more here about working in Sweden, as well as the FAQ of candidates and our guide for living in Sweden.


Please be aware that Beyondo depends on our clients, being eligible for the working permit process, as we are only the intermediator for the recruitment process. If a working permit is provided with the job, it will be stated in the job specification on our website.