FAQ for candidates

By Beyondo, 22. Jul 2022

How can Beyondo help me find a job?

The first step in finding a suitable job is to upload your details with us. We will start looking for suitable positions for you. We would also advise you to keep an eye on our website regularly and apply online, directly to a job opportunity of your interest. Our recruiters will take care of your application and contact you to discuss the next step. Find more information on the recruitment process here

How can I get a work permit in Sweden?

If you are an EU citizen, you are allowed to work in Sweden. If you are a non-EU citizen the chance of obtaining a work permit is very limited. For some groups of non-EU citizens, there are exemptions (for example for partners, students and highly skilled migrants). You can read about this on the website of the Swedish Immigration Service, Migrationsverket. For even more information on how to get a working permit in Sweden, we advise you to read this:  5 steps How to get a working permit in Sweden.

Can I find a job in Sweden when still living abroad?

Finding a job while living abroad is more challenging when you do not already live in Sweden. It depends on your willingness and your flexibility. If a job opportunity occurs, we will first arrange an intake interview with one of our recruiters. If you are selected for a face-to-face interview for a job in Sweden, the travel costs for travelling to the interview will be at your own cost.

What kind of jobs does Beyondo offer?

We work on business-related positions with an international scope, ranging from administrative support to executive-level positions. These jobs need the command of a specific (combination of) language(s). We do not provide production work or positions within the hotel and catering business. Check out our vacancies

How can I meet with Beyondo?

We work only on appointments and to be as effective as possible, the first meeting is usually a digital meeting. We do believe in personal meetings, however, the new digital era has shown that a digital meeting is as effective, at least for a first meeting. Also, this also allows candidates that are not living in Sweden yet, to have access to our recruiters.

Who do you help?

We provide jobs for candidates who have international business work experience, speak English fluently, and preferably other languages on a native or fluent level. This includes Swedish speakers, with international experience, and Swedish home-comers. Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about our approach.