Swedish language courses

By Beyondo, 3. Feb 2023

Swedish language courses

Beyondo specialises in finding you the right job, in which, in many cases, Swedish is not required. Though, while living in Sweden, we assume you would like to learn the Swedish language. Please find below some options for learning Swedish.

Grow Internationals

The language lessons at Grow Internationals are based on interactive and dynamic speaking exercises and digital tools.


Folkuniversitetet is passionate about language courses, and we have a long history of offering Swedish language courses. They have something for everyone, from beginners to experienced speakers.

The Newbie Guide

Learning a language is also a long process that will require hard work. Some would say it is a lifelong process. But why, where, and how do you learn Swedish? Read more on their website.

Katarina Forstenius, Englisch und Schwedisch

Experienced certified Swedish language teacher offering tailored courses for expats/professionals. Emphasis on speaking, listening, and flexibility in lessons. Tailored to your specific field or work.


More than 140 years of experience and more than 300.000 satisfied customers. Berlitz has a tailored training program to suit everyone. Whether for adults or children, executives or travel enthusiasts, they provide top trainers, a motivating atmosphere, and modern content.

The Swedish Teacher Stockholm

Every student has a different reason for learning Swedish, which is the reason why we always offer our students a custom-made lesson plan. This way you will get the most out of your time in class. We always teach online, and you will always meet with a professional, experienced, and native-speaking teacher.

Hult EF

Founded by Bertil Hult in 1965, EF is a global organization that believes in the power of people to positively impact their teams and societies. With a focus on improving Swedish communication skills and cultural immersion, Hult EF offers training for all levels, led by native Swedish teachers experienced in educating professionals in real-life scenarios.

Sfx - Swedish for professionals

Swedish for professionals (Svenska för yrkesutbildade) is specialized Swedish language courses for professionals who are new in Sweden, residing in Stockholm County. The goal is to shorten the path through the educational system, and the time it takes before you can start working in your profession in Sweden. The Sfx-programs teaches Swedish from beginner’s level all the way up to Swedish 3 (Sva 3), which is the level you need to be eligible for higher studies, and is equivalent to C1 in the CEFR. It is also the level required for licenced professions in the medical field or for teachers.

New in Sweden but not new to your profession? Study Swedish and reconnect with your line of work at Sfx! There are courses for many different fields, primarily for academic professions, but also Entrepreneurs and other professions. Read more here. You also find some Sfx-programs in Uppsala Region.

Sfx is a regional collaboration between the 26 municipalities and the Stockholm Region, the County Administrative Board and the Stockholm Association of Local Authorities. Stockholm Region grows by integrating the strengths of newcomers!