finding the right employment solution

By Beyondo, 3. Nov 2022

Finding the right employment solution:

We connect candidates with international work and life experience to the Swedish job market, but not limited to the Swedish market.  Our job is laying the puzzle of people for companies that recruit in Sweden and beyond. Whether they are Swedish home comers or people with international experience only.

There are different ways we can find a solution to your recruitment needs:

Direct Recruitment

The candidate will be offered employment directly with your organisation. We assist you with the whole recruitment process. You pay us a finder’s fee, once the candidate has signed a contract with your organisation.



Are you looking to recruit a candidate in Sweden, but you have not established a company or legal entity here yet? Or you need specific expertise for a project within a set period of time.

Via a secondment contract or contract-based contract, Beyondo can hire a candidate for a set period of time, in order for the candidate to work for you. We take care of all administrative work regarding employment and invoice you monthly.


Interim Management

Are you going through a reorganisation and in need of a temporary manager? Or do you need to strengthen your financial team with an internationally experienced CFO? Or running a change management project and needing experienced and highly skilled people to help you out?

Within our talent pool, we have highly educated, highly experienced candidates with managerial experience within c-level management in any area of business, that are open to taking on assignments on a freelance basis or on a secondment contract via Beyondo.


Questions? Reach out to our Beyondo team to find the right solution for your recruitment needs!