12 job hunting tips for a job in Sweden

By Beyondo, 9. Aug 2022

Sweden is known for its beautiful nature and a good work-life balance, it is also known for encouraging innovation, consensus, and equality, which attracts people from all over the world. Also, it is a fact that Sweden has a shortage of talent in certain areas of business and international talents are high in demand. Perhaps you are looking to relocate to Sweden, or you already live here. But you might need a job and are wondering, “how does one secure a job in Sweden?” Here we share tips for looking for a job in Sweden.

  1. If you are still living abroad and looking to relocate to Sweden, we would advise you to check with your current employer if you can apply for an internal transfer.

  2. Be aware of the rules and regulations for a working permit in Sweden

  3. Make sure your LinkedIn profile is up to date and contains the information you wish a new employer to read. This is good for keyword searches.

  4. Include a ‘pitch’ on ‘why you, so you make yourself visible to a potential employer

  5. Add a professional profile photo to your LinkedIn profile.

  6. Create a CV that is clear, easy to read and uncluttered.

  7. No photo on the resume (but I would say that a professional profile photo on LinkedIn)

  8. Connect with people and companies of your interest to build your ‘local’ network. Networking in Sweden is key! However, do not take things personally or get disappointed if you do not hear anything back or get denied when reaching out.

  9. Prepare yourself for the Swedish working mentality and how they do business. Even if it has a good reputation, it might not be suitable for your wishes and personality

  10. Do your research on the Swedish business culture to boost your job search

  11. Register your details on job boards, for example, Indeed and I would even advise Arbetsförmedlingen. Arbetsförmedlingen / Swedish Public employment service 

  12. Adapt & Be patient!

Good luck!

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