Work permit - change of employer

By Beyondo, 30. May 2023

As a company, there are several things to consider when hiring a third-country national
who are already resident in Sweden. It is therefore important to carefully consider the risks, and benefits and few know what factors play a role in successful recruitment.

The rapid cutbacks in several industries over the past year have made it more common to hire people who are already in Sweden with a work permit. As a work permit is tied to an employer, an application for "changing employer" must be done at the Swedish Migration Agency

Below is a summary of the factors that are important to keep an eye on:


They can usually start working when the work permit application has been submitted. They have housing, and a bank account, and have become part of Swedish society. The employer can get local references. It is faster and cheaper to get a locally recruited person in place.


Previous employers may not have met the conditions for employment, and then you "inherit" a possible deportation. Most work permits are tied to a specific role and/or employer, so it is important to know whether you need to advertise, what role you can offer, and the salary conditions. The job seeker can stay in the country for up to 3 months and search for new employment if he/she has been terminated or has ended previous employment as long as the first permit is valid. Many people who have been denied asylum have had the right to work during the asylum process. The government wants to remove these changes, and it is very likely that the person will have to leave the country to apply for a work permit.

Common mistakes:

Advertising has not been done according to the Migration Agency's requirements. Previous permits have expired. The employee does not know there are limitations on what can be done with each work permit. Students who want to start working fall under a different track, making it difficult to apply for a new permit. There are many requirements for a student to qualify for a "job seeker visa," Even if an application is submitted, it may not be approved. Several companies have found that they have had illegal workers without knowing it. Solving the problem is time-consuming, expensive, and often unpleasant for everyone involved.


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