Video interview - how to prepare

By BusinessFrau


The video interview has established itself as a format for applications. The advantages are apparent. As an applicant, you can stay at home and hold the interview in your familiar environment, where you feel comfortable. You don't have to spend money and time on getting there and back. What should you pay attention to in the video interview?

1. What is your alias?

If you use Skype, Teams or Zoom you can name yourself. Make sure this name suits you. Also, pay attention to the photo. Is the photo current and does it convey the image you want to communicate?

2. Camera Training

Not everyone is comfortable being in front of the camera. Practice this situation in advance. You can also simulate the conversation with a colleague beforehand in order to know how it will affect you. 

3. Premises

Is your office inviting for a conversation? How does it look in the background? Test in advance what exactly your conversation partner sees in your room.

4. Equipment and Light

You can conduct the conversation with a laptop, tablet, PC or even with a mobile device. You should make sure that the device is stable and has a good microphone. The light in the room is very important. The camera should be positioned at eye level so you are in rapport with your counterpart. You don't want to look into the camera from above or below. Clarify in good time which program you will use for the interview and test it in advance.

5. People in the household

Inform your roommates about the conversation so that nobody walks into the room in the middle of the conversation and disturbs you. This way you are more relaxed yourself during the interview.

What remains the same as with an on-site application?

  • Before the interview, you should find out about the company, the position and your interviewee.

  • Pay attention to your choice of clothes and your body language.

  • You should prepare questions.

  • Plan enough time before and after the interview so that you can calmly adjust to the situation.

  • Present yourself competently and authentically as you are.

We wish you a lot of fun and continued success!

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