Sweden needs international talent - but are we international enough

By Beyondo, 18. Jun 2024

This is the theme of the panel discussion at Almedalen 2024

an initiative of Business Region Örebro and Future Leadership Place

where our Founder Karin Björkman will take part in the panel discussion. 

The panel includes:

✔️ Madeleine Sjöstedt, Director-General, Swedish Institute ✔️ Karin Björkman Tendijck, Recruitment Specialist, Beyondo, recruitment ✔️ Jonas Albertson, Chief Technology Officer & Managing Director, Epiroc ✔️ Anna Gulliksen, Global Head of Talent Attraction, Tietoevry ✔️ Anna Broeders, Talent & Community Manager, Linköping Science Park ✔️ Jessica Skantze, Senior Consultant, Future Place Leadership and moderator

The panel comprises a diverse group of leaders and experts, each bringing unique skills and deep knowledge to the discussion on international talent attraction and retention in Sweden. Together, they represent a wealth of experience across multiple domains including leadership, recruitment, technology, talent management, and community building. Here’s a snapshot of their collective expertise:

  • Leadership and Strategic Management: With leaders like Madeleine Sjöstedt and Jonas Albertson, the panel boasts strong capabilities in guiding large organizations, setting strategic directions, and driving growth.

  • International Relations and Policy Development: Madeleine Sjöstedt’s extensive experience in international cooperation and public policy adds significant depth to discussions on Sweden's global positioning as a career destination.

  • Talent Acquisition and Human Resources: Karin Björkman Tendijck and Anna Gulliksen excel in identifying, attracting, and managing top talent, both locally and globally, while promoting inclusive and diverse work environments.

  • Technology and Innovation: Jonas Albertson’s expertise in technological leadership and innovation brings valuable insights into the tech industry's evolving demands and how to meet them with skilled professionals.

  • Community Building and Talent Development: Anna Broeders’ skills in fostering vibrant communities and supporting talent development within the science and technology sectors highlight the importance of nurturing ecosystems that promote growth and collaboration.

  • Consulting and Facilitation: Jessica Skantze’s experience in strategic consulting and facilitation ensures productive and insightful discussions, guiding organizations on best practices for leadership and talent attraction.

Together, the panel is well-equipped to address the challenges and opportunities in securing and retaining international talent, offering comprehensive perspectives and actionable insights to advance Sweden’s position as a top career destination.Almedalen post future place leadership

Sweden Needs International Talent. But Are We International Enough?

We depend on international expertise to sustain growth and meet the future recruitment needs of both private and public employers. Here are some examples:

In 10 years, the Swedish labor market will lack 110,000 people.

Within seven years, the number of people over 80 in Sweden will increase by almost 50 %, meaning that elderly care will need to increase its workforce by just over 30 % during the same period.

Within five years, the demand for tech specialists in Sweden will reach 18,000.

This is not new – but what makes it so difficult to secure our supply of skilled international talent? Sweden's brand as a career destination is highly regarded, but why do we struggle to retain international talent?

See you on Tuesday, June 27th, at the Greater Örebro Arena, Nygatan 1, Visby

Initiators for this panel discussion are: Future Place Leadership, the network #SwedishTalentAttractionForum, and Business Region Örebro 

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