Kick off your recruitment needs

By Beyondo, 29. Aug 2023


Kick-off your recruitment needs


Have you just picked up the work activities after the summer holidays and you need to recruit? But do not know where to start?

Initiating or "kicking off" recruitment efforts typically involves a series of steps to ensure that the organization effectively attracts, screens, and selects the right candidates.

We have listed some tips for you, which can come in handy when starting your recruitment activities.



Use a recruitment agency to promote your job advertisement, they have a good outreach to You can also make yourself visible with a free ad in Platsbanken

Sweden's largest job site and it will be picked up by other sites such as LinkedIn

Don't forget to use your website and social media to advertise that you are looking for staff.

Search the candidate's bank

Do you need to find new staff quickly? Recruitment companies have a good network of candidates that are immediately available.

Contact former employees

Maybe someone who worked at the company before could consider coming back. It can be an advantage as the person is already trained and can perform their duties right from the start. This is common in, for example, the seasonal industry. Please be aware that some candidates can work differently in a different setting or team, so it is not a guarantee it is a match with a former colleague.

Broaden your recruitment

Are you interested in hiring someone with support from a Recruitment or Employment Agency? Partnering with a recruitment company, or staffing agency, can be an effective way to broaden your recruitment efforts and access a wider range of candidates. Recruitment companies might have a wider and or larger pool of potential candidates, even candidates that are a match for your position, but not actively looking. Also, a recruitment company usually brings industry experience which comes in handy when you need good staff.

Adjust the requirements

If it is slow to find staff, you can think about whether you have set too high demands or perhaps have been unclear in some way in your advertisement. Review whether it is possible to reduce the requirements or clarify your presentation of the job. Make a list of must-haves and nice to have’s.

Stand out from the crowd

Highlight your excellent conditions, the good working environment, colleagues, benefits or exciting tasks in advertising and presentation of your company. It is an excellent way to get the candidate to choose your company over others, which also increases your chances of being able to select the candidates that interest you the most.

Think new

Do you have difficulty getting hold of the right skills? Be inspired by how other employers have solved their recruitment challenges. In healthcare, for example, more medical secretaries have been employed. It relieves Doctor of Administrative tasks and gives them more time to provide care. Is it possible to do something similar in your industry?

Sharpen your recruitment

Do you want to get inspiration and new ideas for your recruitment? Then check out the podcasts and webinars for employers. Here is a list of 8 Podcasts Every Recruiter Should listen to.

There you can get tips on everything from how to write a good job advertisement to how to choose the right questions for the interview.

Test the recruitment guide

Not sure which recruitment method to choose?  Check our Ultimate guide to recruitment. Here you can find a guide that involves combining the best practices from various stages in the hiring process in order to hire top talent. 

Use video interviews

When it's time to interview your candidates, use digital platforms to expedite the hiring process. It is accessible, convenient, cost-efficient and it is faster to schedule, so it fits everyone’s agenda. At the same time, applicants avoid long journeys and you can easily and professionally interview candidates who are far away. A personal meeting can always be scheduled after a successful digital meeting.