Buying a house in Sweden

By Beyondo, 30. Aug 2022

Buying a house in Sweden

When securing a job in Sweden, one also needs somewhere to live. Coming to Sweden as an ex-pat, transferred via an employer, usually the housing for the first year or so is settled.  Perhaps you plan to stay longer in Sweden and wish to buy something, but you do not know what to do.  What bank do you use, and what do you need in order to get a mortgage? Do you need a personal number, residence permit etc? And what if you do not bring the 15% of the deposit that all banks require? Where does one look, in what areas is good to live; location etc. 

Beyondo has spoken to Olga at EGENBOSTAD, a  buyer-side real estate agent. They will guide you from A-Z in the whole process. They start with looking at what you wish to have as monthly costs for a new house, then they begin the process of finding something which is suitable for the buyer.

In this video we will speak about the following topics: 

- How is the market in Sweden for buying a house?

- What do you need to be aware of when buying a house in Sweden?

- How does buying a property in Sweden differ from other countries?

- What are the requirements for a newcomer wanting to buy in Sweden?

- What advise can you give regarding what property to buy?

- How does BuyerSide consultancy work in Sweden?


EGENBOSTAD works as intermediaries and advisers, in everything related to the purchasing process of a property in Sweden, from the first step to the handing over of the keys.

  • Budget 
    The calculation, what is your budget

  • Mortgage & Loan Application 
    What bank to speak to, what interest rate and what documents to fill in

  • Choosing a property
    In what area do you look, what are your preferences, how o  you evaluate a property etc.

  • Signing the contract
    Guidance throughout the whole process

  • Handing over the keys

Do not hesitate to reach out to EGENBOSTAD for more information regarding questions on buying a house in Sweden.