Appreciation and meaning, that's what job seekers want

By Businessfrau 27. Oct 2022

Appreciation and meaning, that's what job seekers want

This blog is based on the situation in Switzerland, a blog written by Businessfrau.ch, however, we believe this could apply to every country in Europe. 

We've been talking about "the war of talent" for a long time. The war of talent, this term dates back to 1997. Now in 2022, here in Europe, we are slowly beginning to feel what that means. According to an evaluation by company X28 in Switzerland, the so-called "Jobradar, Q2/2022", 259,361 vacancies were registered in Switzerland in the second quarter of 2022, i.e. a quarter of a million vacancies in Switzerland. According to Yousty.ch, the largest apprenticeship portal in Switzerland, there were around 15,000 open apprenticeships in Switzerland in June 2022. At the same time, employees quit their job without having a new job in sight.

Workers market

We have an employee market in Switzerland. You can choose as a job seeker. You decide. You have the power. Many companies have understood the situation in the labour market, but the recruitment methods and retention strategies are old school. Today, as a company, you have to look carefully how you treat your valuable employees so that they remain loyal to your company. They are your main asset.

The recruitment process

Anyone who applies for a new job today often first gets to the recruitment page and then to the employer's applicant management system. This process is often fraught with many obstacles. The service for the candidates does not exist. The CV should be uploaded first, then it is requested that the applicant should also enter the same data manually. Application videos are required for all job categories, assessments should be passed well in order to receive neither rejection nor feedback afterwards. If you are looking for valuable talent, you should take a close look at this process from the applicant's point of view.

Why do employees stay?

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According to a study by LinkedIn, employees stay in organizations, when the work is meaningful. The remuneration should be right, yes. In addition, employees stay longer in organizations, where they feel valued by colleagues and managers. According to a study by Manpower, it says as follows: "Because job seekers value flexibility, work-life balance, family-friendly working hours and a culture based on appreciation and trust".