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By Beyondo, 19. Mar 2024

MOAI - A Successful Relocation and Integration Tool

for International Moves to Sweden and Beyond

Rutvika, a dynamic professional with a passion for bridging talent gaps, embarked on her journey to establish MOAI, a global talent mobility agency with a unique perspective. With a multicultural background and experience working in various countries, Rutvika understood the importance of facilitating connections between top talent and organizations seeking diverse expertise.

Driven by her vision to create a platform that caters to both international candidates seeking opportunities in Sweden and Swedish companies aiming to tap into global talent, Rutvika founded MOAI. Her personal experiences navigating through different cultures and languages equipped her with invaluable insights, enabling her to effectively understand the needs of both candidates and employers.

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You have lived in various countries yourself, having moved and switched countries several times. In what countries have you lived, and how were the ‘move’ arrangements at that time?

My moving journey started at the age of 10, relocating from India to Sweden as an accompanying family member. I continued my international adventure during university by participating in a 6-month exchange program in the Netherlands. After graduating, I pursued a career opportunity in Liechtenstein and subsequently relocated to Austria. Over the course of 6 years with my employer, I held various roles in different functions, residing in the US and Singapore during this period.

Relocating with a multinational company always involves well-defined processes for the move, including the appointment of a global relocation management company to provide support. My employer facilitated visa applications through an immigration partner, arranged flight tickets, provided tax benefits that allowed consultation with global tax providers for declaration support, and assisted with housing search, among other services.

The relocation management company connected me with various service providers such as movers & packers, housing agents, and insurance agents, who then coordinated the move with me. Upon arrival in the new country, the relocation company conducted a city tour and provided additional documents recommending telecom providers, banks, and guidance on registering in the country.

What challenges did you personally face during your international moves, and how did these experiences inspire the development of MOAI as a relocation tool?

While the physical move and initial settling-in period were managed well, challenges arose after arrival. Reflecting on past moves, I encountered unexpected obstacles such as differences in school systems preventing my sister from relocating with us from India, which my parents were unaware of before the move.

Drawing from my own experiences, several instances highlighted the types of challenges individuals face. For example, upon arriving in Austria with my Swedish car, I encountered difficulty understanding how to change the registration to Austrian specifications due to language barriers. This led to extensive communication with colleagues and authorities to navigate the process. Additionally, signing rental, banking, and insurance contracts in Germany posed challenges in comprehension, resulting in potential misunderstandings, such as assuming that kitchen appliances were included in rental agreements, as is customary in Sweden. These experiences underscored the need for continued support beyond the initial relocation period.

These instances inspired the creation of MOAI, fueled by the question, "Why does relocation support end after the initial weeks?" This motivation was further fueled by alarming statistics indicating that 42% of international assignments globally fail today due to lack of support—a significant figure considering the time and resources invested by companies in such assignments.

How does MOAI specifically address the challenges individuals commonly encounter during the relocation process to Sweden?

MOAI addresses these challenges through various initiatives aimed at facilitating the integration and well-being of international movers:

  • Long-term support: Individuals and their families receive dedicated support from before their move until 12 months after arrival, including a personalized integration plan spanning this period to familiarize them with local systems, cultural norms, and regulations.
  • Access to information: MOAI provides an AI concierge trained on official government information to offer reliable answers to queries and assist with document translation, ensuring vital information is accessible.
  • Community: Recognizing the importance of social connections, MOAI emphasizes community-building, enabling individuals to connect with others who have undergone similar experiences and participate in events tailored to internationals.
  • Personalization: MOAI tailors support to meet the unique needs of each family, offering guidance on telecom providers, neighbourhoods, and other essential aspects.
  • Family support: Acknowledging the impact of relocation on families, MOAI provides family accounts, allowing partners to navigate their journey alongside the primary employee.
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In what ways does MOAI contribute to bridging skill gaps in Sweden's workforce, especially for international talents, and how does it support both individuals and companies in the long term?

As workforce shortages rise, permanent migration for work reaches peak levels, yet 42% of international assignments fail due to insufficient support in host countries. MOAI plays a vital role in talent retention by providing personalized, long-term support in the host country, ensuring a positive employee experience. Moreover, amid intense competition for global talent, offering MOAI enables companies to differentiate themselves and attract top talent effectively.

As a successful entrepreneur, how do you envision MOAI influencing the integration of international talent and contributing to the overall growth of Swedish businesses in the future?

MOAI's vision is to enable individuals, regardless of origin, to contribute to the economy as envisioned from day one. By facilitating integration, MOAI fosters talent retention, ensuring that skilled professionals remain in Sweden, contributing to diverse workplaces and economic growth. Diverse workplaces have been proven to outperform financially, underscoring the significance of MOAI in fostering a successful business environment.

Can you share success stories or examples of individuals or companies that have greatly benefited from using MOAI in their relocation and integration processes?

As an early-stage startup, MOAI is currently piloting its services and is committed to enhancing the relocation experience for both individuals and companies. We invite companies relocating global talent to join our pilot program and experience the value of MOAI firsthand.

How do you envision MOAI fostering a global mindset and cultural diversity within Swedish businesses and contributing to a more inclusive work environment?

MOAI promotes cultural understanding and inclusivity by providing learning modules that educate users on local regulations, social norms, and cultural nuances. By fostering understanding among employees, MOAI contributes to a more inclusive workplace where individuals feel valued and understood, ultimately enhancing collaboration and productivity.

What advice would you give to companies looking to leverage technology, like MOAI, to attract and retain international talent in Sweden?

Companies should prioritize employee experience and integration when leveraging technology solutions like MOAI. Selecting a platform that aligns with the company's values and culture is crucial, as it demonstrates a commitment to employee well-being and success beyond the workplace.

How can the government and private sector collaborate to create an environment that encourages and supports the integration of international knowledge workers, with tools like MOAI playing a key role?

Collaboration between the government and private sector is essential to provide accessible, reliable information to internationals. MOAI serves as a bridge, offering an interface that facilitates communication between both entities, thereby improving the relocation experience and fostering talent retention. Data and insights gathered through MOAI can also inform policy improvements, benefiting both internationals and companies in the long run.

Based on your experiences, what key insights or best practices would you share with companies looking to enhance their ability to attract, integrate, and retain international knowledge workers effectively, utilizing tools like MOAI?


Prioritize employee experience and integration to enable successful talent attraction and retention. Choose solutions like MOAI that offer personalized, long-term support tailored to the needs of relocating families, ensuring a positive relocation experience and contributing to long-term success.

Are you curious about how MOAI could assist you in your relocation plans? Or perhaps you're a company seeking to offer your employees a relocation package but lack the budget to engage a traditional relocation company. Reach out to Rutvika via e-mail: rutvika@withmoai.com

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