Why is the summer holiday in Sweden so important?

By Beyondo, 19. Jun 2023

Mid-June, everyone is excited about the weather getting warmer and I am sure everyone has heard about the Swedish summer and that the schools are out for 10 weeks during the summer in Sweden! As a foriegner you might think, why the fuss about midsummer and the summer in Sweden? Is it not as summer anywhere else? No... here are some reasons why Swedes embrace the summer holiday! 

Weather:  As you know, Sweden experiences long, dark winters with limited sunlight and mostly cold temperatures.  Therefore, the summer months offer a chance to enjoy pleasant weather, longer daylight hours, and (hopefully) warmer temperatures. As Sweden has a fantastic nature, Swedes eagerly anticipate the summer as a time to embrace outdoor activities and enjoy nature. 

Vacation Culture: Swedes have a strong vacation culture ingrained in their society.  

Traditionally, Swedes would take four or five weeks off in the summer (by law, Swedish employees have 25 holidays) and head to their country houses (usually in July). It is common for workplaces to slow down or even close for a few weeks in July when Swedes traditionally take their summer holidays and the country would more or less shut down.  Many Swedish companies provide generous vacation policies, allowing employees to take several weeks off during the summer.  

Family and Leisure Time: Swedes highly value family and leisure time. The summer holiday provides an opportunity for families to spend quality time together, engage in outdoor activities, and create lasting memories. It is common for families to plan vacations, travels to summer cottages, or explore different regions of Sweden during this period. 

IMG_7752 summer nature sweden

Relaxation and revitalization: Traditionally, swedes consider summer holidays as a time for relaxation and rejuvenation. It offers a good break from the normal routine, allowing individuals to recharge, unwind, and reduce stress. Many Swedes choose to spend their holidays by the sea, in lakes, or in the countryside, taking advantage of Sweden's beautiful natural landscapes. 

Cultural Festivities: Summer is a season filled with cultural festivities and events in Sweden. Midsummer (Midsummer Eve is always a Friday between 19 and 25 June, dates differ from year to year due to the summer solstice) It involves gathering with friends and family, dancing around a maypole, enjoying traditional food and drink, and embracing the festive atmosphere. Other events such as music festivals, outdoor concerts, and open-air markets also take place during the summer months. 

Respect for nature. Sweden is a country with a strong connection to the natural world, with many Swedes valuing the outdoors and engaging in activities such as hiking, skiing, and camping. There is a strong emphasis on environmental protection and sustainability, with many policies and initiatives in place to reduce the country’s carbon footprint and preserve its natural resources. 

Overall, summer holidays hold great significance for Swedes, providing an opportunity to enjoy the pleasant weather, spend quality time with loved ones, recharge, and participate in cultural traditions and outdoor activities that are deeply ingrained in Swedish culture.


Written by own experiences and knowledge of Karin Björkman with the assistance of Chat GPT