Need to Hire: Beyondo's non-exclusive strategy for business success

By Beyondo, 5. Dec 2023

Beyondo opts for a non-exclusive recruitment approach, refraining from claiming exclusivity but implementing a starting fee at the commencement of the recruitment process.

"This starting fee is later deducted from the final invoice once the client successfully hires a candidate."

This strategy diverges from exclusive recruitment practices, and here's why:

Benefits of Non-Exclusive Recruitment:

Diverse Candidate Pool:

Non-exclusive recruitment allows the client to collaborate with multiple agencies simultaneously, tapping into a broader talent pool. This diversity increases the chances of finding the ideal candidate with the right skills and experiences for the job.

Flexibility in Channels:

Clients have the freedom to explore various recruitment channels beyond agency partnerships. This includes job boards, social media, and personal networks. The flexibility to employ multiple strategies enhances the visibility of the job opening and attracts candidates from different sources.

Healthy Competition:

Non-exclusive recruitment fosters healthy competition among agencies. Each agency strives to provide the best candidates and service, knowing they are one of several options. This competition encourages agencies to be proactive, responsive, and efficient in their recruitment efforts.

 Cost Savings:

With multiple agencies vying for the client's business, there is room for negotiation on fees and terms. The competitive landscape enables clients to secure more favorable pricing, ensuring they receive the best value for their investment in recruitment services.

Time and Resource Efficiency:

Workload Distribution: Engaging multiple agencies distributes the workload, accelerating the candidate sourcing process. Each agency can leverage its specific expertise and network, enhancing the efficiency of candidate identification and screening.

Parallel Processing: Non-exclusive recruitment allows for parallel processing of candidate submissions and interviews. Multiple agencies can submit candidates and conduct interviews simultaneously, reducing the overall time required to complete the hiring process.

Agility in Agency Selection: In case one agency fails to deliver suitable candidates, the client can swiftly pivot to another agency without restarting the recruitment process. This agility is particularly valuable in urgent hiring situations where time is of the essence.

In essence, Beyondo's non-exclusive recruitment strategy offers a balance between flexibility, a diverse candidate pool, healthy competition, and cost-effectiveness, ultimately contributing to a more efficient and successful hiring process for their clients.

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