International talents a potential solution to employment market crisis

By Beyondo, 18. Oct 2023

Talent shortage in Sweden? Why International talents could be a potential solution to the Swedish employment market crisis. 

In this blog which we have shared erlier, we talked about on why Top talents must stay.

Everyone is talking about it; the Swedish employment market (like many other countries) has faced challenges related to skill shortages, an aging population, and changing labor needs. International talents can be a potential solution to these challenges for several reasons! We have listed why the internationally educated (or internationals educated in Sweden) and skilled talents could be a possible solution to many gaps. The addition of international talents, particularly those who are well-educated in Sweden and abroad, offers a multi-faceted solution to the challenges faced by the Swedish employment market.

Sweden, as a rapidly advancing nation, requires certain skills that might not always be Swedish flag available domestically. International talents can fill these gaps, especially in areas like tech, engineering, medicine, and research. We therefore need to addressing skill shortages and define if, for example, is Swedish essential for working in these professions? If yes, how can we provide the language training?

International experienced talents bring a diverse skill set and by hiring internationally (or international candidates already living in Sweden), Swedish companies can tap into a wider range of talents and experiences that might not be commonly found in the domestic market. This diversity can foster creativity, innovation, and can lead to more robust solutions to complex problems.

As in many other countries, population aging, and demographics is a challenge. It is a fact, Sweden, has an aging population. This means that, over time, more people will be leaving the workforce than entering it, leading to potential labor shortages. International talents can help offset this imbalance! And this can lead to economic growth. With more skilled workers in the country, there's a higher potential for innovation, startup creation, and overall economic growth. Many international talents, especially those coming from countries with different economic structures, bring with them a unique perspective and entrepreneurial spirit that can lead to the creation of new businesses and job opportunities. International talents can help in fostering a multicultural environment in the workplace. This not only enhances the work culture but also brings about a broader understanding of global markets and consumer bases if you as a company are operating on the global market.

People who've made the decision to move to a new country for work often demonstrate a high degree of adaptability and flexibility. These are valuable traits in an ever-changing global market.

Sweden has some of the world's leading universities, attracting students and scholars from around the world. After completing their studies, these individuals could be potential assets to the Swedish labor international talents educated in Sweden are already acquainted with Swedish societal norms, systems, and the language. This familiarity means that they can integrate more easily into the workforce compared to those without any Swedish educational background. In terms of language skills, those educated abroad often possess multiple language skills and intercultural competence, making them assets for Swedish companies in an increasingly globalized market. This means companies can gain new market shares as talents coming from other countries can establish links back to their home nations, potentially leading to new business opportunities, partnerships, collaborations, future collaborations.

By integrating international talents, Sweden can ensure that it benefits from inclusive growth, where all groups in society can contribute to and benefit from economic prosperity. The education and training of international students represents an investment. By encouraging these students to stay and work in Sweden after graduation, the country can reap the returns on this investment through their contributions to the economy.

Certain industries in Sweden, like tourism or agriculture, might have seasonal demands. International talents, especially those coming for short-term employment, can be crucial in addressing these temporary surges in labor needs.

A diverse workforce, we know, will lead to innovation and entrepreneurships. By including international talents educated from various parts of the world, can be a catalyst for innovation. Their varied experiences and backgrounds can lead to new ideas, methods, and solutions that wouldn't be possible in a more homogenous environment.

In essence, international experienced talents, especially those educated in Sweden and abroad, are a reservoir of knowledge, skills, and potential that can be harnessed to address the challenges in the Swedish employment market. Their integration requires supportive policies and a welcoming environment, but the potential benefits to the Swedish economy and society are significant.

Then, we also, need to take a closer look to perhaps the biggest obstacle for why international talents have difficulties in integrating on the Swedish market.

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