5 tips for wage negotiations

By Https://Www.Businessfrau.Ch/, 16. Nov 2022

5 tips for wage negotiations

Negotiating wages to your advantage can be difficult, but with the right tricks, you'll leave the room as a winner.

  1. Emotional preparation

Prepare yourself well emotionally. Most people are nervous in this situation. Defining a price for one's own performance sometimes feels uncomfortable. Who is involved in the conversation? Where does the conversation take place? Before you start, take a deep breath. This calms the anxiety centre and allows you to focus better. Try to stay calm and objective during the conversation.

  1. Objective preparation

Check online how much other people in your country earn in similar positions. There is the wbsite https://www.scb.se/hitta-statistik/sverige-i-siffror/lonesok/ in Sweden. Here you get a good comparison. Think carefully beforehand about what you want exactly. Define the desired wage and an OK wage for yourself beforehand. What elements should the offer contain? Fixed salary, company car, expenses, telephone, etc?

  1. Roleplay

You can practice role-playing at home. This is a great opportunity, so you can play both yourself and the boss. Otherwise, ask a friend if they can play the boss. Simulate a possible sequence of the conversation. Think of the best arguments for your performance, for your person and your wishes.

  1. It is about your performance

It is about your professional salary for your professional performance. Do not mix this with your personal financial situation. How high your mortgage may be, does not interest your employer.

  1. Focus on a win-win situation

The conversation should be a dialogue between two parties. Focus on your side of the story, but do not forget to create a feeling that you come to a win-win agreement.

We wish you the best of luck!